To navigate the road to retirement, you must first map out your destination. When do you plan to retire? How old will you be? Where will you be living? What does retirement mean to you? How much will you need? Saying you’d like a “comfortable” retirement is not detailed enough for planning realistic goals – actual dollar figures are a must.

Will your resources meet your retirement objectives?

To determine if you have in place today what you’ll need to live off of tomorrow, use our Retirement Savings Calculator. In addition to projecting the amount of money you’ll need once you’ve retired, it will tell you what you might need to start saving today.

Did you discover a retirement savings gap? Well, you’re not alone.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Retire later
  • Retire on less income
  • Save more now
  • Increase the rate of return on investments

For many, the first two options may be unacceptable. And for others, the last two might seem impossible. But with some advance planning and discipline, you may be able to meet your goals.